Stephen Ministry

What is Stephen Ministry?

This program equips lay people to provide confidential, one-to-one Christian care to individuals in our congregation who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. Your pastors will always be on the front lines of care—visiting hospitals, caring for the dying, dealing with emergencies—especially during times of crisis. But there are always many more needs for ongoing, face-to-face care than pastors can effectively meet by themselves. Stephen Ministry provides a biblical solution—equipping God’s people for ministry. Gifted people from our church are trained to support and extend the care that pastors continue to provide.

How Does the Program Work?

Stephen Ministry leadership is provided by Margaret Fiechtner and Karen Botine, each of whom undertook Stephen Leadership Training through the Stephen Ministry organization based in St. Louis, Missouri. These leaders recruit Stephen Ministers from our congregation through a process of interviews and screening. Those who are selected receive 50 hours of initial training and are supported with ongoing educational activities. They are given every tool to help them be successful in this ministry.

Who can be a Stephen Minister

A child of God who has the gifts to walk beside a person who is hurting.

A member of our church who is carefully selected and trained to serve in this role.

A caring Christian friend who listens, cares, prays, supports, and encourages. Someone who will “be there” for his or her care receiver, meeting faithfully for about an hour each week, for as long as there is a need.

Who do you Contact if You Need Stephen Ministry Care?

Contact the church office or one of the Stephen Leaders. If you are willing to accept care, you will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Only the Stephen Minister assigned to you will ever know who you are and the caring relationship with your Stephen Minister will be held in strictest confidence.

How Can Members of Trinity Help?

Pray for our Stephen Ministry team and the continuing success of this Ministry in our church. Seriously consider whether God has given you the gifts to be a Stephen Minister.

This logo symbolizes a person broken by life but restored to wholeness through the cross of Jesus. It also represents Trinity’s ministry of caring for others in a Christian way.