First Communion & Communion for Young Kids

At Trinity all are welcomed to participate in Holy Communion. What does that mean when it comes to children? We leave it in the hands of parents to decide when the time is right. For example if a child begins asking questions about communion, like, “Can I have Jesus too?” Then a parent might decide it is time for them to begin communion. Parents who decide they would like their younger children to participate will be provided resources so together they can learn more about the Holy Meal. Ask any of the staff and they will provide the resources.

A Communion Class is offered to all 5th graders regardless if they have already started taking Communion or not. After the class they participate in Celebration of Communion/First Communion during worship on Maundy Thursday.

When they go up for communion, please have the child hold out their hands to receive the bread & wine/juice so the server knows they are expecting communion. The server may look at you as parents and you can give the ok.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask a Pastor or Gracia.