Renovation Updates

July 2, 2023

This week, the two new projectors and screens were installed in the Sanctuary at a cost of $26,400. Trinity’s Trust Fund Committee gave a grant of $5,000 toward this project and the rest is being paid for through the original capital campaign. Here is a bit of good news, when the campaign was approved in 2021 it was estimated that the projector system would cost over $30,000 (we are able to install the system for less than we expected).

Contracts have also been signed to replace the gutters and add some downspouts on the 1930’s building (Community Center). A year ago, the estimate for that project was $70,000 and included the Education Building. We have found a different contractor who will do the 1930’s building for $10,400. As members of Property Committee looked closely at the gutters on the Education Building, they saw that the gutters were good they just need to be re-aligned in several spots and the splices need to be caulked. Again great news – because the congregation is saving money.

A contract has also been signed to fix several spots where there are leaks. The funds for this $30,000 project are coming from a Trust Fund Grant and a $6500 line item in the general fund budget. We hope these roofing repairs will happen within the next four weeks. The gutter project can be scheduled once the repairs are complete.