Fire Detection/Alarm Task Force Updates

Minutes from Congregational Meeting on May 14, 2023
Full Fire Detection & Alarm Info Packet – May 2023


April 18, 2023 Meeting

They reviewed the discussion with the City Fire Marshal and Building Official and made recommendations which were forwarded to church Council. Council approved those recommendations including scheduling a congregational meeting to vote on the installation of a Fire Detection/Alarm System.

April 3, 2023 Meeting

The Task Force invited church council and property committee to meet with Fire Marshall Owen Fitzsimmons and City Building Official Brady Bloskowsy. Discussion was had pertaining to existing code requirements, building occupancies, annual fire inspections, as well as, current status of Trinity and recommendations on moving forward.

March 14, 2023 Meeting

• shared that our current system does automatically contact a call center if an alarm is tripped.
• directed Core Facilities Solutions to get line item break-downs of the system costs.
• invited the city fire marshal to a third meeting with the committee and to invite the city building official as well to clarify
code and safety issues.
• are seeking information from our insurance carrier about our current coverage.
Next meeting will depend on city official availability.

Fire Detection/Alarm Task Force Members:

Kyle Gebhardt, Colleen Peterson, Wanda Benz, Mike Horan, Dan Welsh, Lee Herberg and Pastor Mark Narum