Trinity Census

Greetings in Christ’s name!

I am the relatively new Head of Staff at Trinity Lutheran.  It has been a strange transition, arriving at Trinity just weeks before COVID caused us to close our worship services and move to providing worship through our radio broadcast and livestream.

Part of what I have come to realize is that we need to get a better understanding of who our members are and how together we might better serve Christ and our neighbors.  One of our members suggested that just as our country does a census every ten years, maybe it is time for Trinity to engage in a census.

Below is a link to a questionnaire – would you please take a moment to fill it out and mail it back to us.  Click that tab and it will take you to an electronic version of the form.

I am certain you have plenty of things pulling at your time; please know how grateful we will be if you take a moment to fill out the “census” and share it with us.

God Bless,

Pastor Mark Narum

Head of Staff Trinity Lutheran, Bismarck

[email protected]               701-223-3560

Census Form