Trinity’s Annual meeting is set for February 28 immediately following the 10:30 worship service. If you are unable to  join in person and would like to join via zoom, please contact the church office.

There will be a couple of very important items of business on the agenda, including:

  • voting on updating our constitution, bylaws and continuing resolutions.
  • voting on significant renovations and repairs to the sanctuary heating and cooling systems, the thermostatic controls for the building, windows for the 1950’s educational addition, roof repairs, some light fixture replacements and a couple of other items.


To help members of the congregation understand both of these significant items, informational meetings will be held. These meetings will be used to explain what is going on, to gather your questions, and help members be prepared for the annual meeting.

  • Sunday, January 25 at 9:30 AM
  • Wednesday, January 27 immediately following worship
  • We will meet in person in the sanctuary and on live stream
Highlights of Proposed Constitution Changes
Proposed Constitution


As we approach the annual meeting it is important to understand who is a voting member of the congregation.  This is the language from our current constitution:

8.02 b. Confirmed members are baptized persons who have been confirmed in this congregation, those who have been received by adult baptism or by transfer as confirmed members from other Lutheran congregations, or baptized persons received by affirmation of faith.

  1. Voting members are confirmed members. Such confirmed members shall have communed and made a contribution of record during the current or preceding year.

This month we will publish a list of voting members. You are welcome to stop in the church office to ensure your name is on the list.  We know that we have people who are members who contribute cash. To fulfill the “made a contribution of record” all a person needs to do is once a year put their cash in an envelope with their name on the outside of the envelope.