General Information

WORSHIP PROJECTION VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: If you can click a space bar, you can become a worship projectionist! Please contact the church office if you can help and we will provide you with a five minute tutorial.

GREETERS, READERS, COMMUNION SERVERS: Please check the Worship and Music kiosk in the lobby to sign up for serving in these important roles for our worship services. And thank you for regularly volunteering of your time to be a worship servant at Trinity!

FOOD PANTRY UPDATE –We will now be keeping a limited supply of nutritious items available in the church office to distribute directly to those coming to our church for help. We need your help to stock basic food items that are ready to eat (fully cooked), nutritional, in containers that are easily opened, and individual servings. The following is a list of helpful foods:
• Peanut butter ( individual servings)
• Crackers
• Tuna (foil packages)
• Chicken (flip tops)
• Fruit cups
• Canned vegetables (flip tops)
• Canned soups (flip tops)
• Juice boxes
• Breakfast/cereal bars
• Infant formula

LOST AND FOUND – Please check in the church office for lost items. We have keys, glasses, gloves, etc.

NO LONGER HAVE A LANDLINE? HAS YOUR ADDRESS CHANGED? Please call the church office if you have recently gone to cell phone numbers only or moved. It makes it so much easier for our records to have your current phone numbers and address. Thank you!

ENDOWMENT GIFTS – If you are planning a gift to the ND Tax Credit Endowment Fund, please complete the Gift Agreement Form (available in the church office) and submit it with your gift. This will assure that your gift is correctly credited and deposited into the appropriate account. A copy of the Gift Agreement will also be returned to you for your tax records.

FUNERAL WORKERS NEEDED – If you are willing to help serve lunch following a funeral occasionally, please call Jan in the church office at 223.3560.

STEPHEN MINISTERS AVAILABLE – Trinity is blessed to have specially trained, caring Christians who are available to assist you through the challenges of your life. If you would like a Stephen Minister, contact Pastor Steve or our Stephen Leaders, Karen Botine, and Margaret Fiechtner, or use the lime green Confidential Care cards in the pew racks to request the care you need.

IF YOU WISH TO RECEIVE OUR MONTHLY NEWSLETTER, TRINITY TODAY, via email, please call the church office with your email address or email

USED EYEGLASSES – There is a box in the church office for the ongoing collection of glasses for the Lion’s Club. These glasses are checked by optometrists and delivered to needy people in many parts of the world.